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Living in Putāruru

Putāruru's community is what makes it big! In this small town you will find a very warm and welcoming community that is progressive and thriving. The natural surroundings and our diverse local businesses are proudly supported by its locals and we love to show off our precious whenua to our frequented visitors. 

The community of Putāruru live a very outdoorsy lifestyle, whether as farmers, timber workers or just out enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature that surround our town. Home to some of New Zealand's most famous sportsmen and women, Lorraine Moller (long distance runner), Grant Fox (ex-All Black Captain) and Honey Hireme (professional rugby player), the town is very proud of its sporting history and great sporting facilities in Glenshea Park, rugby club and swimming pool facilities. With a great variety of walks in the area both long and short, this region will have you loving the outdoors too!

Putāruru is growing at a rapid rate, with an expected 600 houses to be built and 1,500 new residents moving to this town in the near future. Along with this growth comes new jobs, businesses and opportunities that you may not get in bigger cities around New Zealand. It welcomes affordable housing, accessibility to education and an economy that is sure to grow at the same rate. 


When asked, the community remarked that the town was:

  • Healthy lifestyle, very friendly people, great place to grow a family

  • Putaruru is a home, a tidy and clean town, that’s sufficient and has honest people and hard-working businesses. Putaruru is a welcoming and inviting town for passing people and its community shows respect, love and care to each other

  • Blue water, green trees, white milk and yellow cheese. Putaruru is a close knit, loyal and caring community

  • Putaruru has the atmosphere of a friendly little Kiwi town, while still being close enough to urban areas. A great community, with friendly and helpful people, plus the best water in NZ

  • Locals are generous, kind and always quick to help each other

  • A country town with a community atmosphere. Residents are welcoming, friendly and out helping each other when they can

  • Whānau, community spirit -regardless of whether you are related. A place to plant our feet and call home, or a place to stop and take a breath

  • We have many long standing families here and new ones constantly arriving, it's our little hideaway from the rest of the bustling world

  • A warm, welcoming, smiley community

  • Beautiful blue waters that surround us, the rocky, green countryside and the beautiful, generous community​

  • Discover something new in Putaruru. Kind community, a small town and everyone I have met is nice and helpful I love living here it’s so peaceful and beautiful I feel lucky to live here

  • Community there’s just something about it that feels like home

  • An amazing friendly community and one of the best if not the best lawn bowling clubs in the Waikato

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Putāruru has a projected growth planning project which sees the town expanding by 1,500 new residents in the next 30 years, 43 new sections a year and 600 houses built. 

One of the largest opportunities of growth is currently under construction with the development of the lifestyle village. This village is a $200 million project which will have a cinema, bowls, cafes, pharmacy and many other facilities available. 

Puāruru is also projected to really support the local businesses already existing in our town by upgrading some of the business district, bringing new businesses into it and developing the town with an 'artisan' type feel amongst it.

Affordable living

In comparison to other parts of New Zealand, the cost of land in Putāruru is more affordable with larger properties and room for potential future developments. The cost of living is more attractive to those priced out of the other, more expensive markets especially for first home buyers, retirees and those accessing home start grants.

The South Waikato has a more favourable rental yield when compared to other urban areas in this region. Putāruru also has a strong demand on rental properties in Putāruru. 


For a small town, we are well equipped with:


High school


Early Childhood centres

Te Wharekura

Primary schools

Catholic school


Putāruru Council office 


Police Station

Community Centre

Tailorer and alterations

St John Ambulance

Post office

Lawyer and Solicitors

Real Estate agents


Putāruru Gospel Church

St Aiden's Presbyterian Church

Anglican Church

Putāruru Baptist church

Assembly of God

St Patricks Catholic Church

Jehovah's Witnesses


Countdown Supermarket


Variety stores

Wellbeing and care



Dental Surgery

Plunket Clinic

Hair salons


Massage therapist

Rest homes


Picture theatre

Food court


Skate park

Recreational park

Golf Club

Sports and recreation centre

Dog friendly parks and trails

To learn more, check out our business directory

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